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VTMR TD-NMR cross-linking density analyzer NMR and MR system for polymer


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Application:Cross-linking Density
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NMR Cross Link Density Analyzer

Combined with the sample temperature control system, VTMR20-010V-T can control the environmental temperature to research change in physical properties of samples over a wide range of temperatures and rates of change. It can be used for food, energy, organic materials and other areas of research.

Basic parameters:
1.Magnet type: permanent magnet;
2.Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.08T;
3.Probe coil: Ø10mm;
4.Sample temperature range :35-150℃;
5.Size (LxWxH): 1400mm×670mm×1070mm;
6.Weight: 330Kg;

  - Determination of crosslink density of rubber and other polymers (Physical crosslinking , chemical crosslinking)
  - Quality control of Polymer products
  - Quality inspection of Polymer aging process
  - Rubber vulcanization process and
Formulation research
  - Determination of moisture content and moisture distribution in the solid matrix
  - Curing and aging process characterization for Thermosetting resin
  - Determination of the activation energy for Thermosetting resin
  - Environmental response material transformation process of hydrophilic and hydrophobic
  - Composites multiphase system compatibility
  - Crystallization kinetics
  - Block copolymer hard / soft segment
Content molecular motion study
  - Determination for fluorine content
  - Determination for rubber content and plasticizer in the polymer
  - Rubber micro fractures, 2D crosslinking density uniformity

Application (1):Rubber Micro Fractures

Application (2):Crosslinking density of vulcanized rubber

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