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Portable Educational MRI System


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Application:NMR & MRI Teaching

Optional:Big size Probe

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Portable Educational MRI System

Product Description:

MiniEDU20 MRI system is Niumag’s original product, first used as an integral part of other products. After nearly 10 years of enhancements, its design and functionality are comprehensive and mature. MiniEDU20 can be used by physics lecturers to demonstrate NMR experiments and imaging professionals to teach courses, so that multiple students gain experience in using MR technology without needing to operate expensive instruments.

Basic parameters:

1.Magnet type: permanent magnet
2.Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.08T

3.Probe coil: Ø10mm

4.Weight: 49.8Kg


  1. NMR/MRI basic theory (Physics)
  2. MRI system (Electronic information engineering)
  3. NMR/MRI theoretic experiments
  4. MR Imaging technical experiments

  • MRI System Framework:

  • MRI Software:

  • NMR Signal:

  • NMR Signal:

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