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NMR Application in Petroleum & Porous Medium

NMR Application in Petroleum & Porous Medium

Petroleum & Porous Medium NMR well-logging technology is used to reservoir evaluation and formation evaluation. NMR technology can acquire abundant formation information, such as flowing liquid content in a formation, porosity, permeability, oil saturation, aperture size and distribution in rock and so on. The advantages of NMR technology is high precision, simple calibration, avoiding influence of slop, acquiring many parameters in one well- logging. Geotechnical & Coal mine

1.LTHP condition for freezing and thawing mechanism analysis

Freezing and thawing mechanism analysis of soil or rock

Rock damage degradation under freezing and thawing condition

Mechanism of natural gas hydrate formation and decomposition
2.HTHP condition for Percolation mechanism analysis

Percolation mechanism analysis

Dynamic and real-time analysis the oil/water saturation and distribution changes in displacement process

Displacement experiment imaging visualization analysis

Visual observation of permafrost melting process

The bright signal is representative water, with melting process, Signal gradually from the outside to the inside, and finally completely melted

High pressure displacement

MnCl2 Solution flooding oil (Water flooding oil) process

1.Red-Yellow-Blue,Signals sequentially weaken;

2.Oil signal strength,MnCl2 solution signal weaken;

On the left is the water flooding process from left to right. First, the oil in left pores is displaced by water. And displacing water spread to the entire core from the left core with the displacement time longer,until all the oil inside the core is displaced.

Drilling Fluid Analysis

1.Oil content test for drilling fluid

Oil analysis (heavy oil, medium oil, light oil division)

Oil field pollution (Rapid Detection of oil sludge moisture content)

2.Oil properties evaluation

Stability test minimum oil content is 0.01%, the lowest 0.002% oil content can be detected

 Oil content & moisture test of drilling fluid in different depth

Core Image

Crack Imaging

Core Imaging

Multidimensional NMR analysis for oil & moisture diffusion

1.Oil content test for drilling fluid

Oil and gas distinguish (T1-T2)

Oil and moisture distinguish (D-T2)

2D Mixed oil experiment 

Core & Rock waste





Oil saturation


Pore fluid distribution

Pore size distribution

T1/T2 cutoff time





oil saturation:12.50%

water saturation:87.50%

WOS: Origin Sample

WWS: Saturated Water

WMS: Saturated Manganes

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