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MacroMR Core NMR And MRI Analyzer NMR&MRI System


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MacroMR Core NMR And MRI Analyzer

The MacroMR an NMR analyzer and imaging system for larger size samples, combining outstanding features such as overall design, cavity flexibility, wide-range of applications, convenient handling, analysis and imaging integrated.
With rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet and NMdigI spectrometer, MacroMR12 offers high quality images. The large-diameter probe coil can handle sample size up to Ø150 mm.

Basic parameters:
1. Magnet: permanent magnet 0.3±0.05T
2. Probe: Ø150mm
3. Dimensions (L, W, H): 3300mm×1400mm×1350mm
4. Total Weight:2.4 tons (Magnet2.3 tons, Control cabinet 0.1 tons)

1.Exploration and development of low permeability oil field
– Movable fluid saturation determination;
– Pore size distribution of rock;
– Mechanism of oil displacement;
– Cracks and micro-cracks evaluation;
– Mechanism of fracturing process.
2.Exploration and development of Gas field
– The influence of overburden pressure on porosity and permeability;
– Pore size distribution of rock;
– Mechanism of water flooding;
– Gas field caverns, cracks and micro-cracks evaluation;
– Studies on modification mechanism;
– Free/irreducible fluid saturation.
3.Exploration and development of CBM(Coal Bed Methane)
– Porosity;
– Pore size distribution;
– Fracture development;
– Water saturation determination.

Gas Drive Image of Core

Oil Drive Image of Core

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