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EduVMR Virtual Educational NMR&MRI System


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Application:Virtual NMR/MRI System
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EduVMR virtual Educational NMR&MRI System

Virtual MRI Data Acquisition and Image Reconstruction Software (VMRI), is a newly developed NMR teaching software which can simulate the whole MRI process, including basic imaging sequence, data acquisition, K space filled, and several other major aspects of image reconstruction. When the sequence, the original level and parameters are determined, the sampling process, K-space filled and reconstructed image are acquired.
VMRI minimized the need for hardware to effect NMR experiment effect, overcoming the limitations of high hardware demands, long sampling time in actual tests, and insufficient number of the instrument.
VMRI includes three parts: Theory, Prescan and Imaging. The teaching experiments that are possible includee: measuring the Larmor Frequency, hard RF pulse determined, electronic shimming, kinds of weighted image and half Fourier scanning technology etc..

1. Virtual achieve sequence selection, parameter adjustment, data acquisition, K space filling, image reconstruction;
2. Virtual Electronic Noise and Inhomogeneity Effects on Image
3. Virtual different MRI technology to sample
4. Supporting 16 NMR&MRI Experimental Projects

1. Avoiding long sampling time in actual test
2. Avoiding high requirement with hardware
3. Avoiding gradient vortex
4. Greatly reduce equipment costs while meeting the teaching needs

VMRI System Interface

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