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EDUMR MRI System for Teaching Educational NMR and MRI Device


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Application:NMR & MRI Teaching
Optional:Small Animal MRI
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Education NMR & MRI System

EDUMR is a desktop NMR device designed for MRI experimental teaching. Courses to teach NMR principles and experiments through MRI demonstration can be created by including EDUMR in physical corresponding majors (modern physics, applied physics, radio physics, electronic engineering, etc.) or medical corresponding majors (large-scale medical apparatus, medical imaging technology, biomedical engineering, etc.). Extensive experimental courses and majors like NMR engineering related to hardware structure can also be established with through the use of EDUMR.

Basic parameters:
1.Magnet type: permanent magnet;
2.Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.08T;
3.Probe coil: Ø15mm;
4.Weight: 138Kg;


  • NMR analyzing and imaging mechanism
  • Basic NMR analyzing and imaging mechanism
    NMR phenomenon
    Relaxation and NMR signal
    Spatial orientation of NMR signal
    NMR image reconstruction
    Pulse sequence

  • MRI system
  • Magnet body system
    RF(radio frequency) system
    Gradient field system
    Spectrometer and computer system
    Magnetic shielding and RF shielding

  • NMR&MRI Principium experiments
  • Mechanical and electronic shimming
    Lamor frequency measurement by hard pulse FID sequence
    FID sequence signal in rotating coordination system
    1D-processing and gain adjustment of FID signal
    Hard pulse RF measurement with hard pulse echo sequence
    Soft pulse RF measurement with soft pulse FID sequence
    Soft pulse echo sequence
    T1 relaxation time measurement using inversion restoring method
    T1 relaxation time measurement using saturation restoring method
    T2 relaxation time measurement using hard pulse CPMG sequence
    Chemical shift measurement of alcohol

  • MRI experiment
  • Spin-echo sequence MRI
    PD(portion density)/T1/T2 weighted imaging(Spin-echo sequence)
    ID gradient encoding imaging
    Inversion restoring sequence MRI
    2D gradient echo sequence MRI
    Effect of parameter setting on image size and shape
    3D echo sequence MRI

  • Hardware structure
  • Tuning and matching of RF(radio frequency) coil
    RF switch and pre-amplifier
    RF power amplifier and RF waveform modulator circuit
    Data processing experiment (simulation)
    Gradient amplifier
    Structure and control signal of spectrometer system
    High frequency digit storage oscilloscope test

  • Advanced experiments
  • Simulation of 2D-FFT image rebuilding
    Image quality evaluation
    Simulation of 3D-FFT image rebuilding
    Fluorine content measurement of toothpaste
    Oil content measurement of sesame

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