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Determining the fluorescent components in drilling fluid by using NMR method

Comparative experimental investigation on the actuation mechanisms of ionic polymer–metal composites with different backbones and water contents


Fluorescent additives can reduce drilling operation risks, especially during high angle deviated well drilling and when managing stuck pipe problems. However, they can affect oil discovery and there is a need to reduce the level of fluorescents or change the drilling fluids to prevent loss of drilling velocity and efficiency. In this paper, based on the analysis of drilling fluids by NMR with high sensitivity, solid and liquid additives have been analyzed under conditions with different fluorescent levels and temperatures. The results show that all of the solid additives have no NMR signal, and therefore cannot affect oil discovery during drilling. For the liquid additives with different oil products, the characterizations can be quantified and evaluated through a T2 cumulated spectrum, oil peak (T2g), and oil content of the drilling fluids. NMR can improve the application of florescent additives and help us to enhance oil exploration benefits and improve drilling operations and efficiency.

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2MHz/5MHz Core NMR Analyzer

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