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Rapid determination of Spin Finish content of textile fiber 


Rapid determination for crosslink density of rubber and other polymers 

 Food & Agriculture

Moisture / Oil content


Quantitative analysis of moisture phase with varying -temperature


Oil & Moisture content determination of oilseed 


Relaxationanalysis of T2*,T2 and T1 


Study on distribution and mobility of moisture


Determinationof glass transition temperature 


Tg(glass transition temperature)of food


Pore size distribution analysis of Porous media withvarying-temperatur 


Detectionof waste oil

 Petroleum / Porous  media 



Detecting adulteration of milk, honey 




Study on distribution and mobility of moisture for crops


BVI/FFI(Bulk volume irreducible and free)


Determination of solid fat content


Oil saturation 


Moisture migration process study of frozen and thawed food


Clay Bound Water determination


Inert gas hydrate studies on the impact of food preservation


Pore fluid distribution 


Research on the quality of frozen food


Pore size distribution 


Food freezing point , unfrozen water content determination


T1/T2 cutoff time

 Life science 

T1&T2 analysis of Contrast agent;


Oil and gas distinguish (T1-T2)


Contrast agent Imaging


Oil and moisture distinguish (D-T2)


Evaluation of contrast agents in live subjects


Oil content test for drilling fluid


Evaluation of drug treatment of cancer 


Core Image


Drug targeting assesment


High temperature high pressure condition for Percolation mechanism analysis 


Screeningfor tumor lesion location


Low tempetature high pressure condition for analysis freezing and thawing mechanism analysis 


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